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LED High Bay Light

Time: 2016/07/14       Author:None

High bay light is one of the many industrial lighting products, applied mostly in workshops, project sites, stadiums, warehouses, mining fields, etc. It is a total customized products with special lighting requirements. In recent years, LED high bay lights develop rapidly and draw much attention, with the trend that LED high bay light is taking the place of traditional high bay light.

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Why is LED high bay light a better choice for customers than ordinary high bay light? 

To begin with, LED high bay light is more efficient in product performance and has a lower energy consumption amount than ordinary high bay light. The 100-watt LED high bay light can replace the 250-watt traditional high bay light with the same lighting effect and less consumption of electricity and other energy. Just imagine how many electricity can be saved if adopting the led high bay light in a factory where the power consumption is huge.

Morever, Traditional high bay lights can be very high temperature when operating, reaching 200 to 300 degrees, which becomes a great hidden safety concern to both personnel and property. However, LED high bay light has a cold light source, making it stay at a low temperature. 

LED High Bay Light

At the same time, led high bay lights have a much lighter body with the finned-tube heat sinking structure. The 80-watt led high bay light has a weight of no more than 4kg.

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