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Led Flood Light Contributes To The Night Scenery

Time: 2016/06/22       Author:None
When night falls, the Bund in the set of all kinds of lights, is particularly gorgeous, fashionable, making people linger over. A fascinating night view like this can never do without the function of LED flood lights.

LED flood light, also known as spot light, or reflection light, is widely applied in brightening bridge, guardrail of river way, out wall of buildings, green landscape, advertisement boards, stadiums, parks, squares, etc. It makes the brightness of the subject being flooded much higher than its surrounding environment. It offers not only brightness and lighting, but also serves as an essential part of building decoration. 

led flood light

The famous Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge to be open in 2017 will be fully outfitted with a variety of Sans’s LED lighting products and controls. 

Why is LED flood light so popular in the market? Following are the several points to answer the question, taken Sansi for example.

1. Centralized light ray to guarantee high lighting efficacy; no light flicker; no thermal radiation;

2. Low power consumption with 50,000 hours fluorescent lifetime; patented heating sinking technology;

3. Aluminium alloy sections housing with an ability to adopt the extreme weather conditions; incorruptibleness; small size and easy installation;

4. Through control from the built-in chip to realize dynamic change of colors;

With the continuous development and innovation of science and technology, we believe that we can enjoy more beautiful night scenery from Sansi LED flood lights..

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