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LED Bulb Welcoming The New Technical Revolution

Time: 2016/06/27       Author:None
In recent years, LED lighting technology has been developing rapidly in our country. As one of the most common lighting products, LED bulb is progressing faster than ever. Around the world, many LED companies are trying to push into the bulb market and attempt to make technical breakthroughs in aspects of lighting efficacy, CRI, intelligent product and so on. Sansi, being the leading LED manufacturer, has consolidated its position by launching a series of new patented LED bulbs and converted people’s traditional perception on lighting products.

Illuminating is no longer the only function for lighting facilities. Sansi LED bulb helps users realize their personalized need by allowing the light temperature to be set according to users’ own preferences, the light color temperature to be set according to the actual situation, the periodical brightness change energy saving plan to be set according to users’ life and work, the lighting system to set according to their own needs for their own health, thus achieving environmental friendly and energy saving of the world's main melody.

Since its advent, Sansi LED bulb and its intelligent control system has been widely applied in fields like bridge construction, landscape engineering and smart homes, etc. Since its establishment, it has been awarded a number of prizes and awards, such as the industrial design innovation award. The lighting effect of Sansi LED bulb reached world leading level.
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