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Jiaxing Led Road Light Transformation Lighting Up The City

Time: 2016/07/13       Author:None
Jiaxing did a LED road lighting pilot project in the suburbs with very remarkable lighting effects and energy-saving results last year. This year, the government has decided to expand the project area among the whole city by transforming tens of thousands of  road lights to LEDs, making it more convenient for night travelers. 

Before the transformation, all road lights were HPSL ( high pressure sodium lamps ), characteristic by large energy consumption, short service life and so-so illuminating effect. What’s more, the follow-up maintenance is rather expensive and problems can only be noticed when there is a complaint reported or the routing inspection once in a month. 

LED Road Light

However things can be quite different if all LED road lights have installed. LED road light is known for high efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life and high CRI. It can save more than 60% of electricity compared with ordinary sodium lamps with a 4 times longer service life. Besides, the maintenance cost is much reduced.

According to reports, the transformation project will join the Smart Light Control System as well. Each LED lights will contain Qr code and is equipped with information acquisition and control chip. The staff can efficiently and scientifically manage and monitor these road lights in front of their working computers.  

This project has set a good example for national road light projects by making citizens’ living environment more convenient. Sansi hope that it can shoulder more social responsibility and realize a more harmonious living condition and benefit our people.

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