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Introduction to Sansi Canopy Light

Time: 2016/08/25       Author:None

Canopy light is one kind of lighting fixtures. Usually ordinary white light bulbs, fluorescent lamp, high intensity gas discharge lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, LED are adopted as the canopy light source. Presently, the most popular light source is the LED light

Led Canopy Light

1.General Introduction to Sansi LED Canopy Light

Circular Hole Canopy Light: innovative structural design, multiple patented technologies adopted,  thermal convection heat-sinking;  

Square Hole Canopy Light: water and moisture proofing, good heat dissipation, modular structure, easy assembling and maintenance, good lighting effect, multiple dimming modes, elegantly designed;

2.Common Features Of Circular Hole Canopy Light And Square Hole Canopy Light  

Near-end heat sinking to ensure long service life;
Original imported chip to ensure a high lighting effect and stable performance;
Free from harmful metals lead, mercury and green energy;
In for multiple dimming modes for further energy saving;


Circular Hole Canopy Light: mostly in indoor lighting environment;
Square Hole Canopy Light: applied in parking lot, factory, toll station, gas station, etc.
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