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Intelligent Transportation Favors Large LED Screen Presentation

Time: 2016/09/08       Author:None
Intelligent transportation system focuses on the wide application of transportation information and services and improvement of existing traffic facilities’ efficiency. When applied in the display terminal, it is to ensure the correlation, efficiency and integrity of information display system and monitoring system. LED screen, can not only realize large-size LED displaying for the one-time presentation of quantitive information but also achieve multiple-window displaying, ensuring that every signal is included for users’ all-time viewing. In order to ensure the maximization value of the intelligent transportation system, large LED screen has been in the rigid demand.

Led Display

The application of LED display in the field of intelligent transportation reflects not only in the surface display port of indoor monitoring center, but also in outdoor traffic information presentation.

To a great extent, unevenly road traffic distribution is one of the causes of traffic jams. The driver is unware of traffic condition ahead, and cannot change direction in meeting with traffic jam, he has no choice but to continue his route, which adds more pressure to the congested road. However, an intelligent system that rationally distributes and guides can be of great help. Informed of the road condition in advance, drivers are more freely to avoid the may-in-congestion road. Regulation on traffic flow can effectively ease road congestion.

Traffic Information Screen, called Variable Information Message Sign, is one part of the traffic information service system and traffic management system. Variable Information Message Sign is used to release real-time traffic information. The working principle of Variable Information Message Sign is like this: through the real-time traffic flow data collection system, these data are gathered and handled automatically by a computer system, and automatically published to the LED screen, to provide drivers instant traffic information of the related roads, and road network traffic information. 

Released information of the Variable Information Message Sign includes the traffic condition (unblocked, slow-moving, or congested), travel time and emergency (traffic accident, the temporary traffic control, or special weather) etc. Variable Information Message Sign provides as a reference for traffic participants to choose reasonable travel path directly, and achieve equilibrium traffic flow, reduce driving time and  improve the efficiency of the road network.