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Intellectualization of LED Road Lighting

Time: 2016/08/18       Author:None
LED road lighting intellectualization has been a major trend for future led road lighting development. The technology has been paid much attention by led road light manufacturers, among which manufacturers with a certain scale have already put much capital and human resources. So presently the led lighting  intellectualization technology also has obtained certain technological breakthroughs, especially for the LED road lighting controlling system. 

Traditional lighting system is adjusted by the switch on the lights, while intelligent lighting system is controlled through terminal module instructions. Signals are passed through electrical sensors to the controlling software and adjust amplitude of voltage and current of circuit through controller, thus to realize automatic adaption on brightness, light intensity, color, light quantity, etc.  

led road light

Sansi, being one of China leading led lighting manufacturers, has developed an unique control system named "Internet road light intelligent control system". Sansi has applied the most advanced things networking technology into the management of road lighting control system. Sansi LED road lighting control system can accurately control the operation of every road light, and achieve on-demand lighting. At the same time, it has added the photosensitive sensor into the light to automatically open or turn off the lights according to environmental illumination. 

Intellectualization of LED Road Lighting is of great benefits. One one hand, Sansi LED road lighting control system largely reduces the cost of human invest and saved much efforts in managing and maintenance. What’s more, it is totally energy-saving and environmentally friendly, making it the ideal choice in the future of road lighting solutions.  

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