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How To Maintain Your Led Screen

Time: 2016/08/08       Author:None
In recent years, LED display is gradually becoming the mainstream product in the market. It can be seen everywhere in buildings, stages, stations and other places in outdoor environment. However, do you know how to properly maintain a led screen, especially for outdoor led screen that faces more changeable and strict weather conditions? 

Having interviewed technicians form Sansi, a professional China led manufacturer, following suggestions are give in aspects of maintenance and precautions of led screens. 

led display

Firstly, a stable power supply and good ground protection must be assured. The power supply should be cut off if there is thunder and lightning or storms. 

Secondly, in consideration of long-time exposure of outdoor led screen, there is much dust remaining on the surface of led screens. If it not allowed to wipe with wet towel. Brush, vacuum cleaner or towel with alcohol is suggested. 

Thirdly, start the controlling computer and make sure its normal running state and then open the LED display; After use, turn off screen first, and then shut down the computer. 

Fourthly, any water, flammable objects or easily-conductive metal is strictly prohibited into the screen, so as not to cause a short circuit or fire. If water is accidentally leaked into the led screen, please cut off the electricity immediately and contact the maintenance personnel. Do not restart the screen before drying.  

Then a 2-hour rest of the led screen every is preferred. During the plum rain season, make sure a weekly  usage frequency of at lest one time. Generally start the screen at least once a month and each time make it lit up for more than 2 hours.   

Sixth, don't cut off, also do not frequently close and open the power supply, in order to avoid too much electricity and too large power cord fever, making sure the LED screen tube is undamaged, thus not affecting the service life of the led screen. Don't freely disassemble, splice the led screen without authorization. 

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