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How Much Important Heat Sinking Ability Is To The Performance Of Led Display

Time: 2016/08/22       Author:None
Nowadays, LED screen is widely used in various places, and has become the most important carrier of visual display. However, led screen manufacturers have uneven strength in aspects of led research and development, production and led technology, making it more uncertain for the industry future. There has been many cases where we see halted system, black screen, etc. A large part of the reason for the improper function of led displays is poor cooling performance.

Led Displays

For most of the LED displays, long-time heavy-loaded operation is the leading cause of huge heat generation in the internal structure. Thus heat dissipation ability directly affects the service life and work efficiency of led display module. According to the general method that heat is taken away from the radiator, we can divide heat dissipation into active cooling and passive cooling. Active cooling works through heat rejected facility to compulsively take heat away from the heat sink, such as the fan cooling device. Passive cooling, refers to the natural cooling method that uses cooling fin to dissipate the heat into the air, cooling effect of which is proportional to the size of cooling fin. 

SANSI LED display relies on its own a set of cooling solution, in match with high quality material, to effectively control the overall temperature rise. SANSI LED display can always maintain a long time operation and low failure rate under high load working conditions. Attention to details, improvement in  heat dissipation performance, Sansi enjoys a good reputation in the field of LED display.
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