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How Does Sansi Solve the Heat Dissipation Problem in LED Display Industry

Time: 2016/08/24       Author:None
Earlier we’ve talked about how much heat dissipation affects the overall performance of LED display, toady we further go on our topic into how Sansi solves the heat problem. 

It’s known to all that Sansi is a China leading LED application supplier with strong strength in research and development, LED technology and engineering completion. Over decade of years, Sansi has been working on improving heat sinking ability for LED displays. 

Sansi LED Display

1. Intelligent Dimming System.

Sansi LED display has an unique intelligent dimming system. Through the intelligent control of  background control server, Sansi LED display can be intelligently dimmed according to time period, environmental brightness, thus realizing energy conservation. The emission of less energy can effectively  reduce emissions of heat, which is beneficial to the heat dissipation.    

2. Increase of surface area in heat release source of LED display to improve heat dissipation capacity and reduce accumulated temperature.   

3. Transparent Inner Composition Design

Sansi adopts more transparent design in the inner composition of LED display, especially for outdoor LED display, achieving quick heat dissipation.  

Sansi LED display has its own set solution for heat dissipation, in together with the adoption of high quality materials, effectively controlling and managing temperature rise. Sansi LED display can keep long working hours without failure, even under high load working conditions. Sansi always pays much attention to details, and focuses on improve heat dissipation performance, which is why Sans enjoys a good reputation in the field of LED display.

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