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Downlight or Spotlight? What’s the difference?

Time: 2015/05/15       Author:None

Sansi Downlight 



Downlights are mostly classified as defuse lighting.  They are used in residential or public locations as a source of general illumination. They usually use fixed beam angles and their illumination is usually soft and comfortable to human eye.  Ceilings are the ideal application to mount downlights. 

Sansi Spot Light


Spot lights may come in a shape similar to downlights, as what the Sansi C22FL spot light appears in the figure above.  But their beams of light (illumination angle) are never the same.  As the name shows, a spot light helps to focus people’s attention to a certain object or area. Such object at home could be a mirror, a decoration closet, or a TV wall, while at a display shop the focus of attention might be an intricately crafted piece of jewelry or a handwatch at a showcase.