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Do not turn road lights into road killers goodbye the non-ferrous metal age

Time: 2016/05/27       Author:None
When it’s a thunderstorm evening of summer, there can be great underlying concerns about walking in the street if a road light will leak electricity. Every road light of the city can accidentally becomes a hidden "street killer". Incidents like hurting of a passersby by leakage of the lamps frequently happen nowadays, giving people more attention to the safety of travel in the thunderstorm weather.

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Although previous traditional road lights are gradually changed to energy saving LED lights, most of the energy saving lamps on the market are still made from the non-ferrous metal, light cheap aluminum as the main material of conductors and the aluminum plate, to have LED light source welded on aluminum substrate. Aluminum plate is divided into three layers, middle of which is a layer of insulation from the first layer of conductive and heat insulated aluminum body, achieving the goal of preventing leakage. Once intermediate insulator ruptures, aluminum, as a strong conductive body, will have a electricity leakage, high voltage earthing, harming the pedestrians in a thunderstorm weather,

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Shanghai Sansi has now abandoned the aluminum substrate as the main material of street LED lights. Instead, we make LED light source (chip) weld on the ceramic body directly and use ceramic as the cooling body at the same time, eliminating the complete the use of non-ferrous metal. On the one hand, through transforming the light body structure and components configuration, we focus on the independent cooling to each module pixel. The heat generated by the each module are distributed in a timely manner, thus the service life of the LED road light is greatly improved.

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Thunderstorms frequently occur in summer. Let’s say goodbye to the “non-ferrous metal” age, and don’t let the street lights hurt people.