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Disney to Be Opened in Shanghai Guess How Many LED Lighting Products Are Used Inside

Time: 2016/06/01       Author:None

Shanghai Disneyland is to be opened in June 2016, the amusement facilities and partition of which have become the focus of attention. Everyone is eager to see it. Although Shanghai Disneyland is in closed state presently, Hong Kong Disney belongs to Disney family as well. We can roughly predict with the Hong Kong Disneyland what LED lighting facilities are used in the Shanghai park.

LED Indoor Lighting

From Hong Kong Disneyland, it can be divided into indoor recreation area of LED indoor lighting and LED outdoor lighting such as led garden lighting, led road lighting, led landscape lighting etc, aimed at providing safe and comfortable lighting environment, together with landscape illumination of theme parks, thus creating a magical land of Oz.
First phase of Shanghai Disneyland covers an area of 3.9 square kilometers. With such a large need for lighting, Shanghai Disneyland will save estimated millions of electricity expenditure by utilizing LED lighting facilities and products. Sansi, as a famous lighting brand and LED lighting products manufacture, will definitely provide perfect LED lighting products with long service life and extraordinary stability, achieving the win-win situation of both environmental benefit and economic benefit.