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Differences of LED Indoor Lighting and Outdoor Lighting

Time: 2016/08/10       Author:None
Led indoor lights and led outdoor lights, as their names suggest, are applied in different lighting environment, making them very different from each other in aspects of lighting brightness, CRI, glaring, etc.  

led outdoor lights

Indoor environment often has a limited size, so the required lighting area of led indoor lights is relatively small in comparison with outdoor led lights. Too much brightness of the led lights is too dazzling to the eyes, thus creating a sense of uncomfortableness and tension, especially for the young and the elderly.    

On practicability and decorativeness aspects, LED indoor lighting and led outdoor lighting also differ.  Outdoor lighting have more practicability application than the indoor led lighting, such as street lights, tunnel lights, searchlights. The first judging criteria for led outdoor lights is service time and lighting effects of led lights. 

led indoor lights

While for most led indoor lights, practical use is not that important. When we think of buying or installing a led indoor light, the first thing that comes to our mind may be if the light is fit to the environment, or if it is good-looking in appearance. 

Surely led indoor lighting and led outdoor lighting are two different concepts in many aspects. If you want to find out, it will surly take some time. 
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