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China Road Lighting System Draws attention from US DOE San Francisco Clean Energy Ministers Meeting

Time: 2016/05/31       Author:None
The 7th Clean Energy Ministerial Meeting (CEM7) dating from May 31 of 2016 to June 2, is to be held in San Francisco for three days of high-level talks. The Chinese Smart Road Light System has drawn the attention by the U.S. Department of Energy, therefore China is invited to show its application in energy-saving and intelligent city.

Clean Energy Ministerial Meeting is initiated by the U.S. Department of Energy (doe), 23 countries on behalf of government and enterprises to participate in. Most of the members are the world energy ministers. CEM mechanism members account for 75% of global energy consumption, 90% of the global clean energy investment, and it has a great impact on the transformation of the world's energy system. Every time the high-tech products introduced during the talks, without any doubt, will  lead the future energy structure and direction of urban development.

For a long time, as an important aspect of the world's energy system, China has made a series of planning in the development of clean energy technologies. At present, China not only has good performance in meeting its commitments for emission reduction, and also ranks on top list of countries in clean energy technologies of science and technology and the amount of capital investment and financing. We believe that the Seventh Clean Energy Ministerial Meeting will have a profound impact to the joint efforts from developed countries and developing countries to promote the application of clean energy and related technology.

Since "Twelfth five-year" plan , clean energy products have been rapidly popularized across the country, such as wind power, LED intelligent lighting, photovoltaic power generation etc. Been invited to CEM7 indicates that China has been widely acknowledged in LED energy saving lighting and wide applications of smart city .

Whether it is ZTW, huawei, or Sansi Technology, every company is expanding the application of LED smart lighting with their own unique advantages to seek the harmonious development of man and nature. They power sustainable development pattern for urban areas and at the same time, paint a beautiful blueprint for the enterprise own future.

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