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China Most Influential Newspaper Report On Sansi’s Participation In Cem7

Time: 2016/06/30       Author:None

The country’s most influential newspaper The Reference reported on Sansi’s participation in the 7th Clean Energy Ministerial Meeting (CEM 7) with its newly-developed ‘Smart Pole System’ in a recent issue. 

In the report, Sansi attended the CEM7 on behalf of the Chinese high level of clean energy technology. Its Smart Pole System got consistent appreciation from leaders of different participating countries. 

Road Lighting Systems

In recent years, the made-in-China products have successfully won its own place in the globe market with the improving of China’s science and technology strength, which can be clearly noted from increasing coverage of Chinese products or companies in the newspaper. It is a strong demonstration that China is gradually ranking among the top list of countries in aspects of technology and innovation. 

From The Reference reports, it is not hard to see that the scientific and technological strength and ability of innovation of the Chinese national enterprises have come onto the world stage , and China is playing an increasingly important role in the world and getting more and more attention at the same time. Sansi’s fabulous performance in the 7th Clean Energy Ministerial Meeting shows full recognition from the world of China’s technological result in the development of smart city and surely Sansi will make more outstanding contributions on a global scale.