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Characters Of Parking Lot Led Lights

Time: 2016/08/24       Author:None
Parking lot lighting, as its name suggests, means lighting that are specifically used in the parking lot or garage. Parking lot LED light is different form ordinary LED lighting fixture for its unique lighting environment -- in the underground parking lots or garages. The different application determines different direction for lighting products manufacturers in design, product performance, installation, etc. 

Parking Lot LED Light

One significant character we should take into consideration for parking lot LED light is service time. For parking lots, continual non-stop lighting is highly required. Whenever there is a man parking, the lights must be on to offer lighting environment. This irregular parking determines the long-time non-stop operation of parking lot LED lights. However, if ordinary LED lighting is used for parking lot lighting,   lamp head of the ordinary light can be seriously affected by high temperature during long working hours, making the light much attenuated.

The other one is energy conservation of parking lot LED light. As mentioned earlier, in the parking lot, long-time non-stop lighting is required. This makes large waste of electricity, especially in the middle night when there are few cars to park. How to meet the non-stop lighting and save energy at the same time becomes the major challenge for many LED lighting product manufacturers. While for parking lot LED light, it’s no such bug deal. The parking lot LED light can achieve automatic lighting according to time period and environmental brightness. 

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