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Caution! How To Select Gas Station LED Light

Time: 2016/08/31       Author:None
Gas station are not strange to man who drives. But he may not know lighting condition in gas station is much stricter than household lighting for a series of security considerations. The close connection with flammable substance makes safety issue in gas station is of great importance. Compared with conventional lights, gas station LED lights are gradually catching more and more attention. 

Gas Station Led Light

The quality of gas station LED light is the primary factor to be taken into consideration. Some gas stations are as high as 7 to 8 meters, making the cost of purchasing rather high. If wrongly selecting gas station light,  the maintenance will be in great trouble, not only for the difficulty in dismounting, but also for the large material cost and artificial cost. One piece of advice is to choose and purchase from formal manufacturers, especially manufacturers that have decade of years’ experience in the related industry, eg, Sansi, an experienced and professional LED application manufacture. Penny wise, pound foolish.

Sansi gas station LED lights are specially designed according to the actual gas station lighting requirements, with multiple unique patented technologies applied. For example, the convection type LED honeycomb-like design is a Sansi patented technology, which is characterized by safety, moisture resistance, water resistance, heat dissipation, modular structure, easy assembling, production and maintenance, etc. Sansi gas station LED lights have been massively produced and applied in many gas stations, and received wide recognition at home and abroad.