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Beautiful SANSI Screens in Times Square

Time: 2014/11/16       Author:None

November 2011, The 416m2 two pieces full color outdoor screens developed by Shanghai Sansi had a public appearance, boarded located in Times Square, Broadway, New York, Viacom main wall 1515 number. This Christmas this two screens had a splendid performance. American "Sighs of The Times" magazine published in April next year, focusing on the promotion of the two most beautiful Times Square screens manufactured in Shanghai Sansi! Then "Signage Solutions Magazine" 5 May / June journal to "A New Standard For Times Square" in the title, saying, "Sansi not only produced the hardware for this two displays, but also the world's second largest LED (applications) manufacturers. The display in Broadway 1515 developed by Sansi is the highest resolution and high energy-saving in the region . " Sansi has own the reputation worldwide!So the second order 800m2 outdoor full color naturally fall into the hands of the Shanghai Sansi.

May 2013, when this 800m2 full color development work was completed, Times Square, the owners specially assigned U.S. third-party experts, came to the manufacturing plant of Shanghai Sansi, They had a rigorous test on the technical parameters of the screen . First time the test done, experts thought the test had deviation because the test results obtained unusually good, but the second, three times the test results remain the same. Think of the screen does not flicker, and solve the current world outdoor full color visual stroboscopic problem; brightness uniformity deviation is only 0.86%, far better than the 5% requirement; color consistency maximum deviation rate is only 1.2%, far better than the 5% requirement ...... Sansi outdoor full color have reached the world's top-level At the end of November,The 800m2 full color screen debuted landing in New York's Times Square, 1552 Broadway Street, commented as the best New York by the owner.


“As long as the effort of deep, needle from the rod!" Such a brilliant achievement, not come out of thin air. 20 years, Shanghai Sansi tirelessly engaged in the research and development of LED application industry leading technology, wholeheartedly, to provide customers with uninterrupted distinctive new products, step by step, continue to sprint toward the pinnacle of the industry, won one and one promising results . Shanghai Sansi not only has innovative and enterprising spirit, but also has the ability to breakthroughs. Shanghai Sansi has the world's top 5 technical talent, an international peer-leading optical experts, with the composition as a basis for a comprehensive R & D team, We will never be defeated and win the huge success.

The 800m2 Times Square screen successfully developed by Sansi is based on a patent of outdoor surface mount module which is applied and obtained as early as 2005 (Patent No.: 875764) . This screen debuts dazzling, wide acclaim, there was thus the nearby Times Square owners twice invited Sansi to join a new round of project bidding. They feel that, It is no doubt that the world's most beautiful outdoor full color is this 800m2 Times Square screens.