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Applications Of Sansi LED Down Lights

Time: 2016/09/14       Author:None
LED down light is a new type of lighting product developed on the basis of traditional down light. Compared with traditional down light, LED down light adopts LED as the light source. LED down light is characterized by saving energy, low carbon, long service life, high color rendering index and quick response. LED down lights are usually applied in the following places.

Led Down Light

1.Hotels, Guest Houses, Inns. 
  Hotel lighting is a big category for the LED lighting. The application of LED down lights in hotels, guest houses and inns can bring about special feeling and atmosphere. Sansi LED down lights are energy-saving. To customers, Sansi LED down light create an environment that is warm, comfortable and luxurious. To proprietor, Sansi LED down light can create a personalized lighting environment, which fully showcase the strength of the hotel.

 2. Living Rooms and Family Cinemas

The adoption of Sansi LED down light makes full use of the color change, creating an atmosphere where is warm, harmonious and romantic. Sansi LED down light has turned over a new page for the adoption of LED down light in household lighting. 

3. Special places such as museums, galleries. 

Museums, art galleries and other places belong to the special occasions that have higher requirements on the lighting environment. The particularity of its displaying items requires that the light source has good color rendering, and no ultraviolet or thermal radiation exist. Sansi LED down light is cold light source, and no ultraviolet light, completely satisfying the special requirements.

4. Meeting Rooms and Multi-fuction Halls

5. Commercial lighting places, such as exclusive shops and shopping malls
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