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All-Color Led Screens Color Up Urban Construction

Time: 2016/08/03       Author:None

It's impossible to escape the digital world today. From ipads to iphones, the average people has multiple digital interactions every day. And for generation that are born in this internet era, communicating digitally is what they know, as natural to them as breathing. No wonder that we see more all-color led screens nowadays, wherever it is streets, shopping malls, office buildings, subways station, etc . The fact is that we’ll feel amazed at how large scale these leds has filled our space if we take a look around.   

Led Display

Led screens are seen everywhere in our lives. It can provide necessary information, give out warning tips, guide people with right directions. Further more, led screens can embellish urban environment, making it more energetic, dynamic and humanized, thus creating an more friendly and prosperous commercial and investing environment. A well-designed all color led screen is magnificent in shape, fluent and smooth in image presentation, fabulous in color display. Being a city landscape, all color led displays even can reach good social effects and economic effects thereby.

Customers’ need generate an industry and an well-developed industry in return better serves its clients. In the major trend of urban construction, more and more led screen manufacturers spring up, among which Sansi stands out with its well-received all color led screens. 

Sansi is a well-known LED lighting and LED screen application manufacturer with more than 20-year LED industrial experience. China Sansi has developed top class LED display products of first-class brightness and displaying effects. Based in Shanghai China, Sansi has a research and development team of more than 400 professionals and experts. Sansi is also one of the few companies that have large amount of patents. Till now, Sansi has applied 344 national and foreign patents, 232 of which is authorized. Sansi led screen technologies pioneer the industry and stand as the first case in led display industry, eg, the outdoor small pitch all color led screen with the highest pixels in the world, the P4/P3 outdoor small pitch led products. Surely in the near future we can witness more innovative and beneficial led screen projects. 

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