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A wonderful time travel by LED tunnel light

Time: 2016/06/29       Author:None
Sansi LED tunnel light is a special outdoor lighting sourced with the high-bright LEDs applied in road tunnels.

LED tunnel light

Unlike ordinary road lamp, LED tunnel light shoulders the mission of 24 hours of continuous lighting. It’s also for this reason that there are pretty high requirements in product quality, quite fastidious in procedures from the selection of raw material to manufacture craft. As a professional manufacturer of LED production, Sansi designs and produces its LED tunnel light by adopting radiating ceramic body and cellular convection cooling technology. The technology has been listed in the 2015 Chinese National Popularization Directory of Key Energy Saving Low-Carbon Technologies, and can be customized according to the engineering specifications of clients. 

Since 2007, Sansi has undertaken more than 500 lighting projects for roads, subways and tunnels lighting engineering and installed more than 500,000 LED tunnel lights. Projects that have been constructed include Jiang Xi Jingying Highway project, Nanhui Highway project in Fu Jian, Yunnan- Dali Highway project, Shanghai Dalian Road project, etc, gaining universal praise from the project owners.

Recently, the world’s longest ocean-crossing bridge will be fully outfitted with a variety of Sans’s LED lighting products and controls. The comprehensive application of LED products and intelligent control systems help demonstrate that Sansi’s LED technologies are fully capable and adaptable to lighting projects and become another standard for the lighting industry.
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