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Sansi subway light project Hangzhou subway line 2
Dec 05,2014

In May of 2014, we came to beautiful city of Hangzhou and did an inspection on LED lighting fixtures (including light source) project implementation of Hangzhou subway line 2(Phase 1) which was constructed by Shanghai Sansi. Project manager accompanied us to visit the whole line of LED lights. Through his introduction, we knew that:
Hangzhou subway line 2 totally is 48 km. Phase 1 project is from Chaoyang village station which is located at the crossing of Xinlan Road and Tonghui Road in Xiaoshan city. It passes by Xiaoshan,Jianggan,Xiacheng,Gongshu,West Lake and end by Fengtan Road station which is at the crossing of Wener West Road and Fengtan Road. This subway is available to transfer with other planning subway Line 1,3,4,5,6,7 . Along this subway, there are lots of large passenger distribution points and business/administrative/financial centers which are in the planning. They are very important part of Hangzhou subway line network, and also is one of main traffic channels connecting the two sides of Qianjiang. 

This project is to provide LED lighting fixtures for public area/equipment area/tunnel area of 13 stations in subway line 2. The Sansi fixtures used include type300 LED panel light,type200 LED panel light, type150 LED panel light, type600 rectangular panel light, LED down lamp, LED spotlight etc. Total number is more than 24000pcs. 

Features benefits of Sansi fixtures:

· Sansi LED panel lights show a variety of shapes at the hall ceiling of stations,  square, curved, even circular shapes. And they are perfectly combined with the design style of station hall, setting out smooth and simple modern feelings. 
· The lights are bright and soft and in great uniform illumination without flicker which can give a fresh and comfortable visual enjoyment in the whole stations. 
· By utilizing uniquely designed light source structure, Sansi has successfully develop a new concept of LED surface light of implicit beads reflection with features of no glare and "see the light only but no Leds". The developed LED lights use LED array technology of non-uniform distribution, transparent and efficient cooling proximal technology, reflection and scattering design technology, digital dimming control technology etc. They are not only energy saving, environmental protection, long life, free maintenance, but also achieve good effect what is combined with energy efficient lighting design and decoration style design. Luminance efficiency is above 90lm/W which has reached the international advanced level on integrating technology.   
This series of LED lighting products have been successfully applied to the integrated energy-efficient lighting projects in Shenzhen Metro Line 2 (Shekou line) in November 2010, and it created a precedent for the subway across the board with LED lighting. Since then, this technology has got appliled in Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Nanjing and Dongguan of total 12 subway lighting projects, and got the appraisal by all the metro operators. 

    Sansi has become one of the largest manufactures of LED subway lighting in China and around the world.