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O’Hare International Airport is ranked the 6th busiest airport in the world according to Airports Council International (as of 2013); Chicago being the third most populous city in the United States after New York City and Los Angeles. The goal was to provide energy saving lighting solutions for O’Hare International Airport Terminal 2 in Chicago, Illinois USA. This would replace a total of 690 traditional lighting fixtures with LED High Bay lighting fixtures. These were allocated in Ter- minal 2 and other areas of the airport to provide brighter and reliable lighting for visitors and locals arriving and departi- ng the airport providing higher visibility for any type of traffic. This switch aimed to reduce yearly energy consumption considering lights needed to be running 24/7 while enhancing safety and security for the area. This switch saves the city’s annual expenses on electric bills for public facilities while being environmentally friendly for the city. In a place w- here there’s a constant high traffic of people, a transition like this could influence more public facilities and private sect- ors to want to switch to greener lighting.

SANSI LED High Bay Lights
(690) C0820 Series High Bay 150watt @95lumens/watt
Specification: C0820-HB-150W-5000-400-N31-WH-SM


Quantity: 690 fixtures
Type of Fixture: LED High Bay Lights
Power Consumption: 150watts
Color Temperature: 5000K
Current: 400mA
Lens: Asymmetric Type II (N31)
LED Chip: Nichia N-219
Luminous Efficacy: 95 lumens/watt