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CEO and founder Chen Bishou was born in October 1943 and is a state certified researcher entitled to the prerequisites for specialists from the State Council of China.  In 1966 he graduated with a BS Degree in Mathematics Major in Physics from Xi’an Jiaotong University (part of the C9 League in China, analogous to the Ivy League in the U.S.).  From there he worked as a Director of the Computers Dept. At the Shanghai Shipping Research Institute from 1967-1993.  In between he was sent by China on a scholarship program to Germany where he furthered his studies in research from 1980-1982 at Konstanz University under the Konstanz Fachhochschuler Scholarship Program, being the only returning scholar from this program.  In 1993 he founed SANSI. He has won numerous awards and recognitions, some of which are Science and Technology of Shanghai, Ministry of Transportation, and named as China’s Most Outstanding Private Scientific and Technological Enterpriser.