Sansi 2.4G SolutionSansi 2.4G Solution

Sansi brings the smart lighting solution to the smart city of tomorrow

Sansi subway light project  Hangzhou subway line 2Sansi subway light project Hangzhou subway line 2

In May of 2014, we came to beautiful city of Hangzhou and did an inspection on LED lighting fixtures (including light source) project implementation of Hangzhou subway line 2(Phase 1) which was constr...


About Us

SANSI TECHNOLOGY INC. first began its operations in the U.S. in 2010 and belongs to the SANSI Group headquartered in Shanghai.SANSI is a world leading innovator of LED applications in Signs, Displays and Lighting. What started as a single LED sign board for the China Stock Market in 1993...


Sansi has produced over 100,000m² of LED Displays and 15,000 LED Highway Signs since 1994; and 500,000 LED light fixtures since 2007.


  • Parking LotsArea light/Streetlight, Highway, Parking Lot, etc.
  • Post TopParks, Sidewalks, Parking Lots, Suburban Homes,etc.
  • Highbay Lowbay LightWarehouse, Assembly, Manufacturing, Indoor Garage, etc.
  • Flood LightArea light, Parking Lot, Sign Illumination, etc.